A historically significant complex which has belonged, since 1850, to the Miliani family, founder of the Fabriano paper mills at the end of the eighteenth century. It consists of seven building units, which include the stately home, church, two farmhouses, barn, aviary and storage rooms, amounting to a covered surface area of about 2,600 m²; it stands in the center of a property with about 14 hectares of land.
Building work has been completed on the farmhouse and on the barn: in the former the external cladding has been kept, while the indoor layout has been completely restyled to house the new offices; the barn, on the other hand, has been demolished then rebuilt using a steel structure completely covered with wood slats to fit within the surrounding green area.


mq 4800
Anno 2010-2011
Committente Evolve srl
Tipologia di lavoro Ristrutturazione con ampliamento
Stato Realizzato
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