This project is an experiment pointing to the near future and to the deadline of 31.12.2020, by which all buildings are required to be nearly zero-energy (NZEB). The goal is indeed to meet these NZEB (“nearly zero energy building”) requirements, in other words yielding “very high energy performance levels in terms of cladding and installations.” Buildings are thus expected to provide high energy performance, and at the same time focus on comfort and quality in terms of air indoors. This experimental project refers to a building in the city of Fabriano, a prestigious location just a few kilometers away from the old town. The cladding will be made using a new type of concrete produced with cellular glass gravel; this combines the traditional support function with excellence in thermal insulation. The goal is to achieve energy efficiency through an exact calculation of power requirements, taking into account all parameters such as heating and cooling, as well as all other requirements associated with residential use, including electric appliances. The home is expected to work as a unified system thanks to the use of domotics.


mq 600
Anno 2013
Committente Privato
Tipologia di lavoro Nuova Costruzione
Stato Progetto
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