Diversification of volumes, articulated levels and spaces, use of large glazed surfaces: this is our design response to the client’s requirements and to the specificities of the building site, characterized by a long side on the ground. Through a “gallery” pattern, made of outdoor staircases and wood-covered walkways, it is possible to reach the various levels from the independent entrances to the 20 flats, which are located above the shops on the ground floor and first floor. The large insulated door and window frames on the south side, which can be accessed from the large balconies with wood flooring, make for a lightweight composition and give the various flats a beautiful view of the old town of Fabriano and of the surrounding hills.


mq 2000
Anno 2004-2009
Committente Sidra
Tipologia di lavoro Nuova costruzione
Stato Realizzato
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