This project consists in the restructuring of a tuff building. The whole layout has been redesigned, taking down all existing partitions. The openings have been radically altered: those looking onto the garden – at the back facing the new living area – have been extended; a screening lamellar wood sunblind system has been added to the sleeping area on the main front side. This sunblind system, together with the coating for energy saving purposes, has radically changed the front view of the building. As for the interiors, the addition of a mezzanine made of exposed reinforced concrete, has transformed the indoor space, allowing for the expansion of living areas without changing any of the volumes, enhancing the existing space characterized by two levels obtained from the sloping of the ceiling.


mq 200
Anno 2016-2017
Committente Privato
Tipologia di lavoro Ristrutturazione
Stato Realizzato
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