Restructuring work on this first-floor flat started with a complete reconstruction of plan and volumes in the building. Some volumes have been hollowed out and the indoor layout has been totally restyled: the hallway now faces a very busy road, while the sleeping area looks onto the back of the building, where there is a balcony and a courtyard with greenery to bring light and air into the home, in particular to the new room and to the dining area. Also the living area looks onto the courtyard which has been obtained by making a hole in the loft; further outdoor space has been added with the large balcony facing the dining area. Thanks to its large sliding and overlapping glazed panels, the latter can be turned into a single room, providing continuity between indoors and outdoors.


mq 160
Anno 2005-2008
Committente Privato
Tipologia di lavoro Ristrutturazione
Stato Realizzato
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