This residential complex is a result of a restyling of the urban fabric in the old town: a building conglomerate developed around the public space of the square. The common space of the square, here, is generated by the intersection between the new private distribution axes to houses and the existing road system. The buildings bring to mind the archetypal form of the house with lapped ceiling, although structurally designed on the basis of a load-bearing dividing wall (SASP) system which guarantees the best performance levels in the event of an earthquake. The main axis of the layout is from east to west, providing the best view of the surrounding landscape. It is exactly on this side that the large window panes have been added. The addition of light and warmth from the south, moreover, is guaranteed by the central south-facing courtyard which captures and distributes sunrays inside the houses. The amount of light coming in is adjusted by a darkening system integrated in the large facades.


mq 1200
Anno 2016-in corso
Committente Privato
Tipologia di lavoro Nuova costruzione
Stato In corso
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