This square-plan building includes offices, design labs and a large showroom. The materials used are 90 % recyclable; they include glass, steel and aluminum, offering plenty of natural light and reducing management costs in the process.

Natural lighting is guaranteed by the glazed cladding and large skylight which fills the central gap; this is a result of our study on sun irradiation aimed at making sure that all indoor-facing offices receive diffused lighting without any blinding sunrays.

The goal of energy saving is achieved thanks to “dual skin” cladding (a double-glazed wall with a gap of about 80 cm); the building is thus completely transparent and functions as an actual greenhouse during winter months and as a sun fireplace in summertime.

The 300 m2 “green walling”, both in the lobby and in the meeting rooms, helps make the space more comfortable, cleaning the air, adjusting humidity and temperature, as well as absorbing CO2 in the daytime.


mq 6000
Anno 2008-2010
Committente Santoni Spa
Tipologia di lavoro Nuova costruzione
Stato Realizzato
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