Rationalizing of spaces, soft materials intentionally contrasting with austere ones, characterize this restyling project for the restaurant-café Talune in Fabriano. The result is a space of 450 m2, cozy despite the formal appearance of the setting as a whole. Floorboards, ramps and glass banisters visually separate bar and restaurant. The massive-looking quartz-smoothed industrial cement paving surface is offset by the “vibrant” surface of the wood wall covering used for part of the restaurant and staff area. A pergola, as an element adding value to the restaurant, serves as setting for the lounge area, characterized by the interplay between the neatness of the furnishing and the welcoming tones of wood and of the winter garden.


mq 450 mq
Anno 2005-2007
Committente Janus Group
Tipologia di lavoro Interior design
Stato Realizzato
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