Studio Bassetti was established in 2001, in Fabriano, following the business vision of its founder, Alessandro Bassetti. With its numerous projects all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America, the philosophy of Studio Bassetti has always stood out for its innovative approach to architecture, based on trendy and cutting-edge ideas.

With headquarters in the heart of Italy – Fabriano, in the Marche region – our team of architects boasts in-depth, 10 ys+ experience in the design of offices, residential complexes, infrastructures, shops, hotels, architectural renovation and town planning.

Studio Bassetti is a young and constantly growing enterprise which invests in technologies and innovation; we also firmly believe in the value of teamwork. Each phase of every project, from planning to scheduling and final implementation, is followed by our team in close contact with the client.


Light and greenery are paramount in the projects designed by Studio Bassetti, as the two elements underlying the development of planet Earth.

The use of light is enhanced through glass with completely transparent walls which make our projects extremely streamlined.

Greenery comes to life in the projects we design: dedicated green areas result in living spaces that are full of color and oxygen!



Alessandro Bassetti
Founder and Director

Alessandro Bassetti was born in Fabriano in 1972; he graduated in Architecture in the year 2000 from “La Sapienza” University, in Rome. In 2001 he established his own firm in Fabriano. During his career he has completed highly qualified projects, ranging from architectural design for public and private buildings, architectural renovation work and town planning.
Right from the start of his activity he has been in charge of numerous projects in Italy and abroad, thus achieving one of his goals: consolidating and increasing the appeal of Italian Design on the international market. He is also particularly interested in topics related to sustainability in architecture and research on innovative materials and technologies for design purposes; in 2011 this led him to winning the XIX International Contest “Sistema d’Autore METRA”, for building cladding using innovative technology at Santoni Headquarter. In 2015 he received THE PLAN AWARD 2015 in the β€œTHE PLAN FUTURE PROJECTS 2015” category.


Raniero Pellegrino

Raniero Pellegrinello graduated in Architecture at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, the city where he was born in 1974. As an architect Raniero Pellegrinello has been working for more than 13 years in the area of Architecture, Interior Design and Town Planning, for both the public and private sector.
He has skillfully completed several projects in Italy, France, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries, dealing with both design supervision and architectural or executive planning. He has been working with Studio Bassetti since 2008.


Silvia Mencarelli


Silvia Mencarelli was born in 1987; she graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Architecture at Bologna University 2011. In 2010 she was awarded as one of the best students in the Faculty of Architecture. After graduating she did an internship at the Municipality of Fabriano, in the Public Works Department. In 2012 she started working with Studio Bassetti, which she is still doing today. In 2013 she won a scholarship for an internship lasting several months at Fruition Creative Service, in the United Kingdom, where she followed graphic and interior design projects.


The main objective for Studio Bassetti is customer satisfaction, as well as expanding its project perspective and dealing with complex issues.

Each process within the project is submitted to the client through detailed planning to ensure maximum punctuality and precision in terms of work completion.

Studio Bassetti follows the project in all its phases: concept, design, administrative paperwork, worksite supervision, and final testing.

The services offered by Studio Bassetti include architectural surveys, architectural and town planning, restructuring for residential and industrial purposes, building license applications, graphic rendering and scale models.

Studio Bassetti works with relief laser tools and CAD systems for graphic rendering.


Studio Bassetti has received prestigious international awards:

– 2011: Winner of the XIX International Contest “Sistema d’Autore METRA” for building cladding using innovative technologies at Santoni Headquarter

– 2015: Winner of THE PLAN AWARD 2015 in the category THE PLAN FUTURE PROJECTS 2015 Production with the expansion project of Santoni Headquarter